Get to know our Regional Business Partner, Alessia Mondello


Tell us a bit about your journey in the insurance industry to where you are at CBN today…

I started my insurance career in 2014 at Zurich Insurance in the credit card customer service call centre, which is the free travel insurance you get on a credit card. I was the triage for claims and answered policy queries for the general public.  


I was promoted to a position as a SME underwriter in 2016, where I spent 18 months as a package’s underwriter. In 2017 I departed Zurich to write Strata Insurance at Longitude. Following this stint, I returned to Zurich for four years as a Broker Development Associate, and spent the last two of these managing the day-to-day for all Australian AR networks and approx. 68 regional brokers across Australia.  


In 2022 I joined CBN as the NSW Regional Business Partner and am enjoying being able to continue working with ARs as a partner in achieving success.


How does CBN successfully empower authorised brokers to be their own boss?

CBN allows authorised brokers to operate their businesses with support from the network. They do not hover over their brokers like big brother but are there for support should they need it and assist when they require it.


How does CBN differ from other authorised networks?

CBN drive the community feeling into every part of the business, from the top down and the bottom up. We see ourselves as one big family. 


What are three top tips you can give to ARs about running their own business?

  • You can’t be all things to all people- Know when to say no. 
  • Learn to manage your time well.  
  • Personal development is always happening- you can always learn. 


What are three interesting facts about yourself?

  • I speak fluent Italian – my dad was born in Sicily.  
  • I love to cook but I can’t eat Gluten so I’ve learned to cook gluten free options.  
  • I’m a huge Doctor Who fan- the new Iteration. David Tennant/ Matt Smith are my ties for faves.  

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