Get to know your Regional Business Partner, Jonathan Lam


Tell us a bit about your journey in the insurance industry to where you are at CBN today…

Like many in the Industry, I kind of stumbled into Insurance after completing my commerce degree at university. My career started with State Insurance in NZ, working in the claims department. This was a great foundation for the rest of my career which has led to many different opportunities, including international experience in London with Allianz, and roles in claims, broking and underwriting. This experience has served me well, with my current role at CBN requiring collaboration with many stakeholders, and internal and external partners.


How does CBN successfully empower authorised brokers to be their own boss?

We provide leading platforms, tools and resources including back office and market support to our authorised brokers. This allows them to focus on what they do best, providing quality advice to clients, while building their own business, under their own brand and identity, backed by the support and partnership of CBN.


How does CBN differ from other authorised networks?

The clients’ best interests are the non-negotiable end result of every decision we make. Partnering with our brokers and focusing on this outcome, allows our network and brokers to grow and achieve their goals for the greater benefit of the customer, providing quality risk protection. CBN really is a community in itself and has a greatinclusive culture. 


What are three top tips you can give to ARs about running their own business?

  • Have a detailed business plan and idea of what success looks like. It’s okay to review and tweak it as you go along, but having a plan is a living document to hold you accountable is essential to achieving success.
  • Build your referral networks and don’t be afraid to ask clients for referrals!
  • Tenacity and persistence is huge. Not giving up and remaining driven to achieve your goals in the face of adversity sets the standout brokers apart.


Three interesting facts about yourself?

  • As a child, I had a pet penguin named Wiremu.
  • I am a Dad to my 16 month old daughter Abigail, and mischievous doggo Baxter the Beaglier.
  • My extended family have achieved lots of success with Rugby, a talent which sadly was not part of my DNA.


Share one of your favourite success stories

A Broker joined us just over a year ago after finally taking the leap of faith to be his own boss. With the help of CBN it is really pleasing to see them smashing their own lofty targets for growth in their business plan. They are already off to an impressive start in their second year, even with all the challenges COVID19 has thrown up. It’s so exciting to watch their development and see them building an asset for their family’s future. 

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