Get to know our Regional Business Partner, Montsie Pinga


Tell us a bit about your journey in the insurance industry to where you are at CBN today?

I started my career in Insurance undertaking a Traineeship with AMP. I was 18 and had no idea what insurance was.

I remember walking to the bank at the end of each week to bank my weekly wage of about $240. 

Overtime I grew an understanding of Industry and developed a passion to learn more.  I worked in various roles from Administrative Assistant, claims and Account Manager.

I started my own business and contracted to a number of different brokers Westcourt was one of them.  I joined the Broker Services team at the time Westcourt was undergoing the integration of Westcourt, NAS and CGU. And then the Network Advisor Team as a Business Advisor.

I recently joined the Development team as a Regional Business Partner for QLD,NSW and VIC and very excited about working more closely with our Brokers.


How does CBN successfully empower authorised brokers to be their own boss?

There is an abundance of tools and resources that is accessible to our Network. Together with our support and partnership, this gives our AB’s the leverage and confidence to take on any business challenge head on.


How does CBN differ from other authorised networks?

We embrace the ‘Community’ culture and have respect and support one another. We engage with our brokers and enjoy collaborating, working seamlessly as one to achieve the best possible outcome.



What are three top tips you can give to ARs about running their own business?

  • Set realistic goals and targets.
  • Be persistent – don’t give up. 
  • Don’t feel you are alone. There’s a lot of support in our Network. 


Three interesting facts about yourself?

  • I’m a good cook.
  • I love to surf; 
  • I’d like to get my diving ticket one day; 

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