Get to know your Regional Business Partner, Steve Kidd


Tell us a bit about your journey in the insurance industry to where you are at CBN today?

I started in Insurance in the UK pretty much out of High School, and haven’t really left the industry since! My journey was like any newbie. I started out opening the mail, making tea and filing. Slowly as I got to know more about the principals of insurance and some basic product knowledge, I worked my way up to assistant level. From there, I kept asking questions, reading and going on courses. I next had the opportunity to join a successful commercial brokerage, where I worked in business development for four years. After moving to Australia, I worked for RAC, and then EBM and Wymark as an Account Manager, before taking a year off to look after my young son. The opportunity to join CBN was something I could not turn down and here I am today.


How does CBN successfully empower authorised brokers to be their own boss?

From the very first day, we get to know you as a person. We discover your strengths, your drive, your passion, and with this knowledge we tailor our support to give you the best chance in succeeding.


How does CBN differ from other authorised networks?

At CBN we align ourselves to your business, and our Regional Business Partners work closely to tailor any specific support you may need. We have a large range off additional support services to draw upon, and a vast amount of internal knowledge to help your business thrive, this alone separates CBN from all other Networks. We work as one team to help you achieve and grow.


What are three top tips you can give to ARs about running their own business?

  • Be honest with yourself in what you want to achieve.
  • Understand its not just about insurance – you need to be across all factors of your business i.e. your expenditure
  • Network, Network, Network getting your name out there is key to building a reputation. A good reputation is one big stepping stone to a successful business.


Three interesting facts about yourself…

  • I am a keen rugby union player and coach a local under 15’s team.
  • I enjoy discovering new ales. 
  • I love travelling, meeting new people and understanding different cultures. 

Share one of your favourite success stories…

Over recent months I have worked closely with a local authorised broker who wanted to increase their product knowledge and skills in order to feel confident in quoting larger SME clients, with more complex insurance needs. Through 1:1 sessions with myself and our community partners, the broker has slowly started to build their confidence, and recently tested his new found skills by quoting a large road surfacing company. Although unsuccessful in obtaining the business this did not stop him from persevering. Pleasingly this has paid off, and recently the broker secured a large account which included aviation components as well as a bespoke Liability Policy. Empowering the success of our brokers is one of the best parts of my role as a Regional Business partner.

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