Our Response to COVID-19

We are globally united in living with a very real yet uncertain health threat. Community Broker Network (CBN) want to assure all our partners and team that we remain committed to delivering outstanding support for our Network. 

Throughout this pandemic, the safety and well-being of our team members, clients, and families are our main priority. We greatly care about our communities and want to do our part to help minimise the spread of the virus.  

In this spirit, CBN are following the current guidance of the Australian government and local health authorities, and implementing key components of our Business Continuity Plan to assist in containing the coronavirus to protect us all. 

What CBN are doing: 

  • The CBN Critical Response team is continually monitoring medical and other available information to keep abreast of developments as they occur. 
  • We are revising our existing Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure detailed plans are established that specifically address the unique characteristics of COVID-19. This includes an assessment of all CBN functions, scenarios that affect our ways of working, including our off-site working capability, and setting up technology and equipment to ensure we can continue to provide service in critical areas. 
  • Our information security systems ensure that our partners’ information remains secure, even when we work remotely.  
  • We are engaging with our partners and external parties to redirect meetings onto secure tele/video conference systems where appropriate. 
  • We are providing ongoing and transparent communications for our employees regarding our continuity plans and prevention measures which include the following:
    • Our team will work remotely from home as needed. This is not new to us; as CBN has embraced remote and flexible working arrangements for many years now. 
    • Resources and tools for our employees and our Network to support the adjustment in the way we work.
    • Further health and safety measures should a team or family member be exposed or contract the virus.
  • Our team are available via email, phone, online meetings and video conferencing to continue to support you. 

The business continuity of CBN Authorised Brokers is a key priority. We want to minimise service disruptions or impacts to your business. Our goal is to offer the high level of quality, responsiveness and support that you have come to expect from CBN.  To support this we have created a dedicated COVID-19 Resource Page on THE HUB with information and resources to help navigate this situation. This page will continue to be updated with new information should the current situation change. 

If you have any additional suggestions or requests that will help you/or our team feel safer during this time, please share them with us by emailing marketing@cbnet.com.au

On behalf of all of us at CBN, we are one in getting through this public health situation together. Thank you for your understanding and support during what has been a challenging period for many.  

Wishing you, your teams and your families good health and strength. 

Richard Crawford
Chief Executive Officer
Community Broker Network



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