The benefits of using a CBN Authorised Insurance Broker


We know insurance can be complicated. When your livelihood or personal assets are impacted in an insurance claim, it’s essential to ensure your coverage delivers a return on investment, coming through for you when you need it most.

As insurance specialists, CBN Authorised Brokers deliver quality, tailored insurance advice and solutions designed to ensure you’re not left ‘hoping for the best’ in a claim.



1. Cost effective for your business

a) A specialist insurance broker understands how to navigate the complexities of insurance to structure your insurance programme in a way that’s cost effective according to your specific needs. For example, instead of including Cyber Insurance as an add-on to your business insurance policy, it may be more cost effective to purchase a standalone Cyber Insurance policy, as it provides more comprehensive cover for the premium invested

b) As part of Australia’s largest Authorised Representative Insurance Network, CBN have established economies of scale, which results in better insurance outcomes for you.

CBN Authorised Brokers provide you access to:

  • broker only insurance underwriting markets
  • competitive premium rates
  • exclusive policy wordings and coverage limits
  • superior policy conditions and deductibles (excesses) compared to the direct insurance market

2. Appropriate risk and asset protection in a claim

Upon engaging an insurance broker, a detailed needs analysis is performed to gain a comprehensive understanding of your risk profile. This enables CBN’s professional brokers to design a tailored insurance programme that aligns with your risk profile, ensuring you have suitable coverage to protect your business in a claim.

3. Professional advice

CBN Authorised Brokers are highly trained insurance specialists, undergoing continual professional development to ensure they are at the cutting edge of insurance knowledge. This ensures you receive quality insurance advice and recommendations to help you make informed choices and have suitable coverage to achieve the best insurance outcomes.

4. Your advocate in an insurance claim

Claims are the point at which you ‘realise’ your insurance investment. CBN Authorised Insurance Brokers act on your behalf leveraging insurance market relationships to negotiate and achieve the best possible claim settlement.

Transfer the risk of arranging insurance to a professional
Engaging a professional insurance broker enables you to transfer the risk of making an error or omission when purchasing insurance, away from your business. By delegating the responsibility of your insurance arrangements to a qualified professional, you can minimise the risk of coverage gaps in a claim.

5. Save time

An insurance broker works for you. CBN authorised brokers will:

  • Assess your assets and risks that require protection
  • Explore and evaluate the plethora of insurance options available
  • Navigate the complexities of policy wordings
  • Provide advice and recommendations to guide your decision making
  • Tailor a policy to cover your most important assets
  • Maintain your insurance programme
  • Mange claims and drive efficient outcomes on your behalf.

Engaging a broker helps ensure you can focus on running your business, without the work involved.

For professional insurance advice, connect with a CBN Authorised Broker.

Connect with a CBN Broker

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