Why use a CBN Authorised Broker?


A Community Broker Network Authorised Broker acts in your best interest to ensure you get the best insurance outcomes. CBN Authorised Brokers ensure they deliver a quality result for you because:

They understand you

CBN Authorised Brokers don’t start with products; they start with understanding you and your business needs. They take the time and have a documented methodology to gain a full understanding of your goals. They use tools to identify your risk appetite and gain a full understanding of your situation. It’s only after they have understood your needs will they consider the insurance options that will best suit you. But it doesn’t stop there. They will provide ongoing support that you can access every day, year after year, continuing to make recommendations as your situation changes.

They work for you

Autonomy is the bedrock of the CBN Broker community and is one of the main benefits that allows them to stand apart from the Insurers. Having a view of the total market and access to all products from leading Insurers enables our Brokers to find the very best products available to meet your needs. You can be confident a CBN Authorised Broker will act impartially, with your best interest sitting at the heart of any recommendations that they make because they work for you, not the Insurer. And if you have a claim, that’s when you will need your Broker. They will be there every step of the way to negotiate with Insurers on your behalf and ensure you get the best claims outcome.

They have expertise

CBN Authorised Brokers are established in their communities and areas of business, providing face-to-face advice and developing the right solutions for their customers every day. This experience and expertise which helps them identify the right product for you, from the thousands of products available, is invaluable. In addition, there are strict educational standards in place and ongoing Continuous Personal Development (CPD) standards that must be achieved each year, in order to retain their qualifications.

So you can try to do it alone and navigate the many options and clauses or you can trust your CBN Authorised Broker to deliver the best insurance outcome for you.

Where to start


Using an Insurance Broker for the first time or changing from another broker may be daunting.


That’s why we’re here to help you understand the process and get you set up for success.


Meet our Brokers

Your first step in the insurance process is talking to an insurance expert. For over 25 years, CBN Authorised Brokers have helped Australians insure the things that matter the most with the right insurance products, and they can help you, too. You can find one near you right here.

What to expect?


Once you’ve appointed your insurance broker, here is what you can expect during the course of the year:

Strategy &

  • They will find the most appropriate markets for your requirements.
  • You will be presented with a report with all the detail of your proposed insurance program.
  • Your broker will then arrange placement of the insurance according to your instructions. This may include:
  • Confirmation of cover for all placed insurances.
  • Delivery of policy summary and other important information.
  • Issuing debit notes for all new policies, renewal premiums and endorsements.
  • Timely settlement of the insurance premium with markets.
  • Review and delivery of the original policies and endorsements.
  • Premium funding services if you need.


  • Daily service, advice and administration of insurance matters.
  • Notification to insurers of changes in cover if required.
  • Processing premium adjustments.
  • Issuing certificates of insurances, by relevant insurers as required.
  • Regular meetings and discussions to review issues/updates.
  • Provision of an up-to-date summary of all outstanding issues, activities and projects, describing status and action taken.
  • Advice on new and emerging risks and general information on developments in the insurance market.
  • Analysis of contracts and their implication on the insurance program currently in place.


  • Up-to-date claims statistics.
  • Analysis of claims frequency, severity, causes and trends.
  • Site survey/s, review of existing programs and risk information.
  • Notification of claims to relevant insurers.
  • Assistance in negotiating with underwriters and third parties.
  • Formal review of underwriters and loss adjustors to determine the quality of service delivery.

Find a CBN Authorised Broker who can provide you with the quality advice and services you need every day.