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Our heritage

The Community Broker Network (CBN) came together from three separate networks: Westcourt General Insurance Brokers (established 1982), NAS Insurance Brokers (established 2001) and the CGU AR Network (tracing back to 1916).

In 2017, these three networks came together to form one strong network of approximately 400 authorised brokers, servicing more than 200,000 SME businesses.

The Community Broker Network’s purpose is to support our communities so they can sustain, grow and thrive.

Our foundations

CBN has the unique opportunity to build the kind of business it wants to be. As such, we developed our foundations to establish the basis from which to grow.

  1. Customer-centric
  2. Purpose-led
  3. Authorised brokers control and own their business
  4. Benefits for all stakeholders
  5. Responsible, accountable

Our pillars

The Community Broker Network’s pillars are the guiding principles, trademarks even, of all that we do.

  1. Customer guided (community)
  2. Shared value/equity (sustain)
  3. Continuous development (grow)
  4. Intimacy at scale (thrive)

Our advantage

We’ve identified our unfair advantage over other networks, in that we understand and release the value opportunity in the relationship between clients and authorised brokers.

If we do this right, we will be the best authorised broker network in Australia.