For Customers


Our Authorised Brokers are part of the Community.


At CBN, our network is not like other insurance networks. We refer to our members as Authorised Brokers because that is what they do. They partner with us in the delivery of professional advice for you that ensures the best insurance outcomes.


A Community Broker Network Authorised Broker is:


CBN Authorised Brokers work to develop a deep connection with customers and develop a strong affinity for the community. Because our Authorised Brokers are part of the community, they understand the challenges and issues you face. They are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the result you need.


With access to the broadest range of insurance markets and strategic relationships, they have the connections to be able to work solely in your best interest to ensure you get the best insurance outcome. They are not restricted by a few providers and instead will place risks based on your needs. We are connected to every major insurer within Australia and through our partnership with Steadfast, they also have market reach both nationally and internationally with the flexibility and agility that comes from having an autonomous, customer focused, business advisor.


We provide our Authorised Brokers with a broad range of professional development opportunities, from our own calendar and in partnership with Steadfast and Insurers to ensure our Authorised Brokers stay current with emerging risks and insurance changes that can help you.

With the resources of the best support networks in the business, our approach means you can rest easy knowing that your CBN Authorised Broker is fully supported to focus on your needs.



Your CBN Authorised Broker will support you, so you have:

More time

We will explore the many options and tailor a policy to cover the things you love the most so you can focus on what you do best.

More certainty

Do you have the right policy; do you have the right cover or limit? Don’t leave this to chance and find out when you have a claim that you aren’t covered. Our Brokers take the stress and the uncertainty away, so you can be confident you have what you need.

More products

Our Brokers have been practicing their art for years.  They have relationships and access to the latest technology and products that can only be accessed as a Broker.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Find a Broker near you now.