Get to know our Regional Business Partner, Leon Pascarl


Tell us a bit about your journey in the insurance industry to where you are at CBN today…

I started working in a suburban brokerage in 2011, in the General Insurance space, mostly SME. Later taking a role with a niche Underwriting Agency for 10+ years where I worked as a Business Development Manager with a compilation of skills through Underwriting, Customer Service, Compliance, Marketing, Training, Innovation and Relationship Management.


Like many I fell into insurance. Growing up with family in insurance broking, it was an industry I had some exposure to, but I initially preferred to pursue career opportunities in other fields. However, once the ‘curtain was pulled back’ so to speak, I was impressed with how vast the industry was, and that pursuing my passions for education, law, innovation, change management and customer service were all pertinent to the insurance industry.


The CBN RBP role suits my diverse experience and my passion for helping people.


How does CBN successfully empower authorised brokers to be their own boss?

CBN has one of the best (if not the best) set of internal support teams for our brokers, my previous experience dealing with the CBN Compliance Team was a major factor in accepting this role. They are quick, accurate and pleasant to deal with.


Our Broker Partnering Team can also provide our authorised brokers the flexibility to manage peak periods, leave or emergency situations with the peace of mind their client’s needs are being addressed. 


How does CBN differ from other authorised networks?

CBN have the feel of a close family business, with the scale of a large corporation.


What are three top tips you can give to ARs about running their own business?

  1. Be innovative, ensure you are setting yourself apart from the competition; if it doesn’t work though, fail quickly and move onto the next idea.
  2. Don’t work for free, back yourself and be comfortable explaining why you earn your money.
  3. Network, get along to events and socialise, some of the connections you make prove their value years later. 


What are three interesting facts about yourself?

Okay, this feels like a dating profile question, and I’m not really interested in long walks on the beach. However, if you want to strike a conversation around martial arts, gaming or movies I’d be more than happy. 


Share one of your favourite success stories.

While it’s early days in my role at CBN, coming from the external underwriter perspective and looking in, I can say that from speaking to brokers that made the move to CBN, they seemed happier and often displayed a renewed drive to focus on their business. I think that speaks well for the people you deal with, and the level of support provided by CBN. 

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